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The Playa Grande Spa is perfectly situated in a scenic and prestigious location overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is the ideal place to indulge your senses and escape the stress and strain of everyday life.

Your very first step into the Spa begins a luxurious journey created just for you. Everything you see, smell, hear, taste and touch will be a delight to the senses. All you have to do is breathe deep and relax





  • Vitamin C Open or Close
    vitamin c body treatment in cabo san lucas spa


    Especially recommended for recapturing firmness and definition in the most delicate areas. An innovative vitamin concentrate, skin is revitalized and toned, softening the formation and appearance of stretch marks.

    Get a firm, remodeled body with this addictive treatment that produces excellent immediate and sustained long-term results.


  • Bamboo Body Scrub Open or Close
    los cabos spa bamboo body scrub treatment


    This delicate body scrub uses bamboo micro particles especially selected to massage and exfoliate skin while purifying and removing impurities from the surface of your skin.

    Thanks to its extraordinary properties - anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing, protecting and hydrating - your skin will look soft, luminous and completely renewed.


  • Vitamin C Body scrub Open or Close
    vitamin c body scrub treatment in los cabos spa


    C+C Vitamin Scrub. Micro granulation renews the surface of your skin, instantly brightening and unveiling an unparalleled velvety feel.

    Thanks to aromatic citrus notes, the C+C Scrub turns exfoliation into an exquisite experience of relaxation.


  • Detox Body Treatment Open or Close
    cabo san lucas resort spa detox body treatment


    This amazing body treatment begins with a bamboo body scrub followed by a seaweed body mask that offers overall circulatory stimulation, encourages the elimination of toxins, and softens and smoothes skin.

    The result is a sense of total well being. After the mask is applied, you will be wrapped and covered with a blanket to help the nutrients penetrate your skin.


  • After Sun Tepezcohuite Aloe Open or Close
    after sun tepezcohuite aloe treatment in cabo san lucas spa


    This treatment is first aid after a day of overexposure to the sun.

    The regenerating and hydrating properties of aloe and tepezcohuite combined with a calming element make this treatment a special breath of fresh for your skin.


  • Lavender Body Wrap Open or Close
    cabo san lucas spa lavender body wrap treatment


    A totally relaxation for your body and soul. Renew your skin while enjoy the relaxing properties of lavender.

    The Lavender Body Wrap will help re-balance and restore your skin with a gentle exfoliation followed by an ultra-creamy, nourishing body mask and finishing with an aromatherapy lavender lotion.


  • Mango Coco Body Scrub Open or Close
    cabo san lucas resort spa mango coco body scrub treatment


    Removes dead skin and prepares your body for a perfect bronze. This soft exfoliation uses the nourishing and hydrating properties of mango and coco.


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