Relaxing Massage       50 min

$116 USD

Temazcal Ritual 120 min $139 USD
Savings   $60 USD
Special Price   $196 USD


*Take your massage any day at Solmar Spa Cabanas and the Temazcal Ritual on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10:00am at Playa Grande SPA

Temazcal Ritual Includes prehispanic food.

Price per person

Promotion subject upon availability

Promotions cannot be combined with any other promotions or coupon.

Promotion is per couple and it is non-transferable.


Reservations must be required before your purchase please contact your SPA Concierge 

Ext. 75200, open daily 9:00am- 5pm


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*16% tax included

$ 196.00 2 hours & 50 min.
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